The Jungle Book - Fehér Elephánt, 2007.01.14

THE JUNGLE BOOK - Deák Tamás - Picaro-Szkéné

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"The team of the Picaro Theatre in the direction of Tamás Deák dramatized Rudyard Kipling’s famous Jungle Book. Both the cast and the direction is a hit: a tale for adults.
Sarolta Zöldhegyi—as mother wolf—is very suggetive, Péter Bereczky’s Baloo is the cutest sloth bear and Béla Stubnya was able to make hate his caracter, Shere Khan.
The stage-setting consits only of some crash barriers. The cohesive force of the play is actually the acting of the actors and the African drumming—interpreted by the director, Tamás Deák, who is getting better."

Resume of the hungarian critical review:, 14.01.2007.