The Bone Brigade - Vass Edit
prokontra, 2008.06.03

„The Bone Brigade in the Szkéné Theatre” /Vass Edit/

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"Reading Rejtő is always a great pleasure. The cacters of his novels and the sitcoms help the readers not just read but live the story. It’s not easy to stage a P. Howard novel at all.
But Tamás Deák, director of the Szkéné Theatre has coped with this job. The Bone Brigade turned out very well.
Tamás Deák’s adaptation is more than a simple a adaptation. The story of the play stayed very close to the original novel all along, the director did not try to rewrite the story, he did not try to place it into the comtemporary situation. It’s a very loyal adaption of the book. Because of this the play is a bit long. But otherwise he couldn’t do this.
The director didn’t want to show himself in this play, he wanted to show one of the „darkest” novel of Rejtő. And he succeeded.
The actors did a great job as well: Rémusz Szikszai, László Robin, Kata Szentes, Péter Bereczky, Attila Ferenc Szabó, László Quitt, János Regős, Zoltán Tamási, Béla Ficzere,
Sarolta Zöldhegyi, Gábor Pelva and Tamás Deák. The stage-setting is minimalist. The focus is on the actors whose performance is outstanding. They make the best of the situations. The music of the play has the same effect as a good soundtrack of a movie.
Let’s prepare for a sheer entertainment!"

Resume of the original article written by Edit Vass (prokontra, 03.06. 2008.)