The Bone Brigade - Czefernek Léna
Budai Hírlap, 2009.04.02

„The Laughing Bone Brigade”

the original article

"To dramatize this novel of Jenő Rejtő (alias P. Howard) is not an easy task and the play on stage rarely hit the anticipatory expectations.
It is not the case with The Bone Brigade – in the performance of the actors of Szkéné Teather.
Thanks to the director’s simple but effective solutions and the excellent performance of the actors, the play is both gripping and enjoyable The Bone Brigade does not belong to the humorous ones of Rejtő’s novels; in fact it is one of the „darkest” piece written by the famous author.
It is a crime story embedded in the vision of extermination camps. The story shows us the way we are: a bit evil, mad, yet likeable all the same. The world can be cruel or beautiful, but mainly it is absurd.
Tamás Deák’s direction illustrates this point perfectly. His work is a hit: he can lead the story and the actors on the slippery field between humor and drama without loosing balance. The figures of Rejtő are natural and simple but they are also very unrealistic, and this is always the main source of humor in the writings of Jenő Rejtő. There were several unsuccessful attempts to stage this novel, yet the performance of the Szkéné is a breakthrough in every sense.
The stage-setting is minimal. The music and the actors are playing the main role. The two leader actors, Rémusz Szikszai and László Robin are playing brilliantly but the other actors (Ferenc Attila Szabó, Béla Ficzere, László Quitt) –in smaller roles - are also convincing. "

Resume of the original article written by Léna Czefernek (Budai Hírlap,.02.04. 2009.)